Daddies first steps

Thrilled to be expecting your first child? But uncertain whether your partner is really ready to have children? Then it's time to surprise him with the ultimate fatherhood test! One weekend spent with two children aged between infancy and elemtary school...


In Daddy's First Steps, a pregnant woman surprises her partner with the ultimate test: fatherhood! A test run, that is. Without any advance preparation whatsoever, the daddy-to-be will have to look after two children between the ages of 0 and 8 for an entire weekend!


From that moment on, the viewers witness often hilarious moments as the would-be-dad tries to cope. And get a crach course in fatherhood. Of course, the circumstances (ones we've created) will not make matters easier. The phone keeps ringing, the doorbell goes, the heating installation suddenly breaks down...

The standard rituals of playing, eating, changing diapers, sleeping and bathing serve as enormous stress factors. What do children eat? When do they eat, and how much? When do you put them to bed?


Together with her mother or mother-in-law and his best friend, his wife/girlfriend watches the humerous and heart-warming scenes. They discuss with the host how good a parent they consider the daddy-to-be. Is he really ready for fatherhood?


Having your first child is a life-changing experience. Normally women are well prepared for that dramatic event. As little girls, behind their doll’s pram, they lay the foundations of motherhood. It does not work like that for a man. From the moment that the pregnancy is a fact, a confusing time starts for him. Doubts concerning his own capacities to be a father keep coming daily. How for heaven’s sake is he ever to become a father?! And aren’t children actually quite scary beings?! While the pregnancy progresses and the mother gets more and more quiet, the becoming father gets increasingly nervous. Daddies first steps!


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