McDonald's Kitchen

Astonishingly delicious food - without fish or meat

A 25-minute long cooking format in which 'la dolce vita' is the object and which features not only cooking but in which the viewer becomes acquainted with colourful personalities, remarkable products, trends and tests.

In this highly popluar Dutch culinary lifestyle format British/Dutch masterchef Andy McDonald travels around the country in his stylish mobile design kitchen to prepare a delicious and honest meail for a wide variety of poeple... with no fish or meat.

The viewer becomes acquainted with Andy's contagious passion for eating, cooking and fantastic ingredients. The word 'vegetarian' is forbidden in this program.

Mc Donalds's Kitchen is not a platform for activistsl it is a cooking propgramma for everyone who enjoys environmentally-aware and delicious food!

Facts & Figures

  • In the Netherlands prime-time on Public Television
  • 13 episode TV series, 2x a year, 1 winter series and 1 summer series
  • Average of 350.000 viewers per episode
  • Average market share of approximately 5%
  • At least 200 users of SMS service per episode
  • Approximately 5.000 visitors to the website per episode
  • Download the international sales flyer for McDonalds Kitchen: Flyer McDonalds Kitchen 

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