Expedition Unlimited

Five models and five disabled people are challenged to compete against each other in a gruelling and demanding race through South Africa. What they don’t know at the start is that they’re competing in five teams containing one member of each group. For both groups, this is a severe blow to their confidence of winning the competition. Win this race with a disabled partner? Form a team with this spoiled diva? The shock is complete when the teams see their ‘glamorous’ modes of transport: tandem bikes which allow one candidate to cycle with his legs, the other with his arms, creating a level playing field. ...Welcome to Expedition Unlimited!

In a physically and emotionally exhausting race, the five 2-member teams struggle against and with each other to win the rally. Each episode includes a game involving local traditions and a gruelling time trail in which the teams have to cover great distances on their tandem bikes, while dealing with ‘acts of sabotage’ from the other teams. Minds and bodies will snap on both sides of each team. Very soon, there’s no way of telling which side is the stronger. Before long, it turns out that each team needs each other’s characteristics and talents to be able to complete their challenges and stay the course. Which team best knows how to exploit each other’s strong points and arrive first on the other side of South Africa to claim the much-coveted 50,000 euros?

Expedition Unlimited enters new territory in a line of highly successful programmes like Miss Ability. It’s television that combines reality and adventure with social issues, in a spectacular and innovative way. The show is not about creating pity, empathy or admiration, but builds strong entertainment with characters you either love or hate – and live, laugh and cry along with them.

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