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Miss Ability

Young, smart, beautiful and disabled? Make the most of your charms! Become the very first MISS ABILITY of your country!

MISS Ability is a unique breakthrough beauty pageant for women with a visible physical disabillity. In MISS Ability, 12 unique female finalists, compete for the MISS Ability title. Beauty, personality and charisma, that's what this contest is all about. The candidates present themselves in a number of rounds on the catwalk, and must satisfactorily complete a number of tough assignments. Their goal is to show the people at home they have a lot of strength and are not in the outskirts but in the middle of this society. They don't want to be pitied.

In this thrilling and often emotional competition, it's the viewers who determine the Nationas best and strongest ambassador for the physical disabled! This is an event that has big social relevance. In the Netherlands this program is supported by the Rehabilition Fund and the government Taskforce for the disabled and Society.Even the Dutch prime-minister participated in the show!

The show scored a stunning 25% market share in the Netherlands on NL2 and won the timeslot. Moreover MISS Ability generated a tremendous amount of positive press in all different media.

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