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The Passion

The Passion is the modern, spectacular and surprising narrative version of the last hours of the life of Jesus Christ.

A large-scale, live cultural pop-event and TV show airing as an Easter week special. In which some of the country’s most famous pop artists and actors are bringing the impressive story back to life again.

Acting as Biblical characters such as Jesus, Mary and Judas. Re-telling The Passion story by using several well-known hit songs from the national history of Pop music.

On the main stage in the city-centre, the storyteller of The Passion tells the biblical story with great verve.

Frequently, the storytelling is alternated by live coverage of a procession of people carrying a huge, neon-lit cross through the main streets of the city. People joining the procession come from different religious backgrounds. Varying from atheists to born-again Christians. From Jews to Muslims. From punks to yuppies.

The procession and the story come to a dramatic climax when the cross reaches the stage, followed by the conviction and death of Jesus.

The Passion live TV broadcast and event gained an unprecedented amount of publicity.

In the Netherlands the event and TV show were a headline topic on primetime news, front-page news in several national newspapers. And a prime topic all over national entertainment and news shows on radio and TV. The Passion has been World Wide trending topic on Twitter during the live broadcast in the Netherlands. In 2014 The Passion won the prestigious TV Beelden award for Best Entertainment Program.

Every year The Passion attracts 20.000 visitors to streets of the city where the live event takes place. Annually 1000 people are walking with the procession during the live broadcast.

Ratings and market share have grown from 1,4 million viewers and 17,4% market share in 2011 to a stunning 3,5 million viewers in 2015 with a market share of 46,2%!