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In Search of God 2013

In this series of In Search of God presenter and actress Lieke van Lexmond, top model Kim Feenstra, socialite Christina Curry, actress and writer Sanne Vogel and punk rock singer Elle Bandita (alias of Ryanne van Dorst) go look for God in silence. An emotional and confrontational experience, filled with painful, hilarious and sensitive moments.

The five celebrities completely immerse themselves in the monastic life. They follow an Ignatian silent retreat in the old St Paul's Abbey in Oosterhout. Once a day they have an incisive talk with their spiritual counselor. And expect for unburdening themselves on the video diary in their monastic cell, they keep silent for a whole week. They read the Bible for the first time, work in the garden until their hands are full of blisters, spend hours sitting on the hard church benches and take many turns washing the dishes with the monastic community. But they also find rest, become frustrated, give up their resistance and are moved by the love and warmth of the friars.

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