Paradise Gardens

Paradise Gardens portrays the passionate owners of the most beautiful and extraordinary gardens of your country. They are passionate about their gardens and create the most unique paradises.

Now they welcome us for an exclusive peek into their green wonders. Paradise Gardens goes beyond the locked gates and no-entry signs to enter a world full of stories, passion and beauty.

Each episode the narrator takes us on a journey where we visit and portray four passionate and often eccentric garden lovers and their exceptional gardens.

Every episode shows the garden lovers of four different gardens:

a secret or forbidden garden, an extravagant garden and its eccentric owner, a historical garden and a garden of a country’s famous celebrity.

These gardens are the breathtaking surroundings for the stories of their loving and passionate owners, creators, gardeners or devout fans.

One garden was Vincent van Gogh’s inspiration for many of his paintings and still looks alike, another has been turned into a swamp with meat eating plants by its eccentric owner, a third garden has been hidden behind monastery walls for ages and is discovered to have a plant of which there are only seven left in the world, and another garden is the spot where a national celebrity has created his personal paradise.

Every country counts thousands of extraordinary gardens, each with a unique story and a devoted fan. Paradise Garden uncovers these hidden treasures and encounters their remarkable owners.

Now available World wide / as Television Format and as Ready Made TV series

10 x 25 minute episodes – International version available with script for subtitling or dubbing

Sales contact: Jacco Doornbos / or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it